• Alachua Lake

    Alachua Lake

  • The Bank of Norway

    The Bank of Norway

  • Fire Escape, North End

    Fire Escape, North End

  • The Loquat Tree

    The Loquat Tree

  • Small Business

    Small Business

  • Step Down

    Step Down

  • White Hut

    White Hut

  • Marion Theatre

    Marion Theatre

  • Brick Arches

    Brick Arches

  • Seagle Building, Gainesville, FL

    Seagle Building, Gainesville, FL

  • Down on Main Street

    Down on Main Street

  • Palomino Pool Hall

    Palomino Pool Hall

  • Night Light

    Night Light

  • Back Alley, Ocala

    Back Alley, Ocala

  • Mechanic Shop

    Mechanic Shop

  • Pete's Chevron

    Pete's Chevron