The Flowers

  • The Swingers

    The Swingers

  • Higher Strings

    Higher Strings

  • The Revelers

    The Revelers

  • Night Flight

    Night Flight

  • Glamour Poppy

    Glamour Poppy

  • Double Trouble

    Double Trouble

  • Blue Iris

    Blue Iris

  • Outer Limits

    Outer Limits

  • Les Jumelles

    Les Jumelles

  • White Birds

    White Birds

  • The Swans

    The Swans

  • White Peony

    White Peony

  • Two Flags

    Two Flags

  • Two Flags-Variation

    Two Flags-Variation

  • The Cannibal

    The Cannibal

  • The Last of March

    The Last of March

  • Poppyism


  • Les Indemondables

    Les Indemondables

  • The Twins

    The Twins

  • Funky Happy People

    Funky Happy People

  • Lily, Oh

    Lily, Oh

  • Deco Poppies

    Deco Poppies

  • The Exchange

    The Exchange

  • The Dragon

    The Dragon

  • The New Neighbor

    The New Neighbor

  • The Maneater

    The Maneater

  • The Searchers

    The Searchers

  • The Watchers

    The Watchers

  • The Transformers

    The Transformers

  • The Introduction

    The Introduction

  • Poppy Duet

    Poppy Duet

  • Trois Pivoines

    Trois Pivoines

  • Peony Suspended

    Peony Suspended

  • The Kiss

    The Kiss

  • Three Stages

    Three Stages

  • The Race

    The Race

  • June Lily

    June Lily

  • In the Beginning

    In the Beginning

  • Four Buds

    Four Buds

  • Calla Undulation

    Calla Undulation